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Customer Care Effectiveness


How charismatic am I as a leader?

A senior leader wanted to know how he could improve his staff's perception of his leadership charisma. He registered in the Leadership Charisma program and discovered that he was doing many things right but there were a couple of leadership behaviours that he needed to focus on.

"I have participated in most recently 'Developing Leadership Charisma'. I have found this exercise to have been very insightful identifying both my leadership areas of strength and those of opportunity. I have since incorporated this feedback in my leadership style in an effort to improve my effectiveness. This has driven an overall increase in my team's engagement, and ultimately improved business results. I have discovered that such elements as employee recognition, empowerment and active listening have had a great impact on our overall performance."


What skills do our future leaders need to develop?

A client integrated the Checkpoint 360 (CP360) into their leadership development program. Once the CP360 was implemented, the future leaders received information they could act upon and enhance their critical leadership skills. After sometime, the Organizational Development group did some analysis and found some interesting results.

"...CP 360 measured the impact of each of our leaders on the people around them. This is really the ultimate measure and what we are seeking to improve. We found cases where people were clearly serving up at the expense of associates and cases where we were serving our associates at the expense of organizational objectives. Ultimately we were able to identify organizational and individual blind spots, and were able to quantify opportunities we "felt" we had. "

Director of Organizational Development

How am I impacting my group?

A client was interested in how they were impacting their group and what could they do differently. They completed the ProfileXT and Performance Indicator and had a personal de-briefing from Customer Care Effectiveness. Now the executive is aware of what actions they must take to impact how they motivate and inspire their staff.

"The assessments and its back-end diagnostics was the best I've experienced in the genre of interpersonal management assessments. Moreover, the personal de-brief and explanations that you provided added a 'human touch' that made the exercise that much more meaningful.
The questionnaires were well laid out, diverse in their approach and indeed 'fun' to fill out. The resultant software-driven responses yielded few surprises - even the 'bad news' was credible and reinforced areas of my thinking style and behavioral traits that I know I need to be aware of."

Senior Vice President

How aligned are our leaders?

A client was interested in learning how aligned their managers, throughout the organization, were regarding what was critical to be successful in their positions. The alignment analysis was available with Organizational Management Analysis. Once the senior leadership team saw the results, they realized what work needed to be done..

"One of the more interesting dimensions of the information we received was a measure of organizational alignment. We found there was a disconnect in what are believed to be the most important management objectives and we now have the opportunity to go to work on building alignment."

Director of Organizational Development

How do I improve Team Dynamics?

A client was interested in learning why the team was not performing as a cohesive group. Once the group completed the ProfileXT and Performance Indicator assessments, the group discussed the results and learned how their core traits impacted their perceptions of others and how they communicate. Next group created action plans to better communicate; consequently, impacting their performance.

"I think the real power of the system derives from teams going through the exercise together. The mere acting of filling out the questions and sharing results creates a space for team development. Moreover, the tables that chart out each individual's unique thinking styles, behavioral traits and interests creates a common language and an understanding of how they may react to one another with prescriptions for better communication."

Senior Manager

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